The main secret for good photography is the photographer itself. The gear is the tool to capture what is in the creator’s mind. Great photography and videography can be achieved with almost any camera, including phones and entry level cameras. With knowledge of composition, exposure, camera settings, and story telling, anyone can create great content.


Explore different filming and photography strategies to effectively create content for social media channels, project campaigns, and brand ambassadors. If you want to take control of creating digital content, my DIY workshops can teach any individual to make a difference with their own camera and creativity.

What You'll Learn

Camera Set Up

Lighting and Exposure


Photo/Video Settings





Photo Editing

Editing Softwares

Image Correction

Cropping / Web Optimization

Video Set Up

Filming Yourself

Filming Techniques

Video Look and Stabilization

Audio Recording

Mics and Recorders

Audio Settings

Using Filters

Video Editing

Video Softwares

Putting In All Together

Web Optimization