About Rodney

Rodney Fuentes is a filmmaker, a naturalist, an environmentalist, and an adventurer with a background in eco-tourism. He helps companies and NGOs tell their stories and promote their products, services, and campaigns through photography, video, and documentary films.

Rodney has vast experiences in the tourism industry and has worked and volunteered for several environmental NGOs including the Venezuelan Audubon Society, Phelps Ornithological Museum, Birds Studies Canada, Pukaskwa National Park, and the Peterborough Field Naturalist Club.


Nature disconnection, deforestation, climate change… Our generation is experiencing an environmental crisis. Nature needs a voice, story-tellers, and passionate filmmakers to tell powerful stories about our environment. Stories that can transform our world through empathy and impactful actions. 

Stories about nature are best told by naturalists and/or people who are connected with our natural environment. Rodney Fuentes is a filmmaker  with experience in ecology, outdoor adventures, nature conservation, and tourism. 

“I strongly believe in sustainability. And my goal is to be able to make a living while I do my part in educating and inspiring people towards environmental conservation and nature connection.

– Rodney Fuentes