Rodney Fuentes

Filmmmaker / Photographer

About Rodney

Since my teenage years, I wanted to become an explorer and learn about the natural history of our wild world. At 16 years old I went on my first backpacking trip with one of my best friends - a 3-day expedition. The trip was an adventure full of surprises and new experiences. On the first day, we lost half of our food supply and on the second night I walked all night in circles so I wouldn’t freeze at 7,500 feet altitude. I also heard my first owl, saw the world above the clouds for my first time, and enjoyed a sense of peace I’ve never experienced before. From that point on, I fell in love with the outdoors.

Hiking in to the unknown and observing a whole new world allowed me to discovered the art of story-telling. First, I started with writing, then educating people about our natural world, and finally I learned to tell stories through photography and film-making.

Throughout the years, I have learned how to document life's experiences through the lens of my camera. I discovered a fantastic world by capturing those special moments that create inspirational stories.

Every video project I make has its own creative process. Years of experience capturing the world around me has taught me to be more aware of my surroundings and appreciate the little details before I start recording. Photos and videos are a fantastic medium to showcase positive messages. I love being part of that medium to help communicate the message effectively through the art of photography, filming, and story-telling.