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Jazzed Up ’49

Eric Freeman-Roth has spent a big part of his life fixing bikes. As an owner of Frog Cycles, he told me once that the core of his business was to restore memories from old beat-up bicycles. To have a chance to reuse what we already have an minimize the impact of buying new bikes.

In the winter, I filmed Eric through the whole process of restoring an old 1949 bicycle. The video shows Eric working with the bike from the time he found it to converting it into a brand new bike. Eric owns Frog Cycles in Millbrook, Ontario.

Eric is a big fan of jazz and I thought this style of music was perfect to maximize the culture of his bike shop. Also the song picked starts with very old school jazz style an evolve into a more modern music style. Just like the bike, from 1949 to 2018.

Waiting for the train

I he Waiting 2 hours for a train to arrive can be boring unless you have a book to read or find something to do. On my way to Montreal I missed the train and had to wait for the next one, I didn’t have a book to read, so what else could I do? Here’s a hint: I got my camera.


I love this city! What can I say about it? Amazing cycling infrastructure, very friendly people, great restaurants, fantastic breweries, and the world’s best cycling videos with screened every year at Filmed By Bikes Film Festival. My video “JOY” was screened here in May 2017, so my friend Eric and I came to see it. I can’t wait to go back.


For all the reasons to ride a bicycle, I only care about one of them… Joy!

Don’t need to say much more. The joy of riding a bicycle is what motivates me to go out and ride. What’s more to ask? Looking forward to more cycling adventures.

This video was screened at Filmed By Bike Film Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Street Ice Skating

On December 26, 2016, Peterborough had a heavy freezing rain fall. My family was locked in the house until my wife came up with an idea: “let’s go skating”. I said, well we’ll have to drive before we get to a lake to skate. She said: “why driving if we have a skating ring in front of our house”.