Since 2000, a group of musicians in Peterborough, Ontario have provided an annual Christmas concert called In From The Cold. This concert not only celebrates the music of the season but is also an important fundraising event for the YES Shelter for Youth and Families. The revenue generated from the concert has become an important source of income to support homeless youth and families in the Peterborough area. This documentary explores how a group of Peterborough residents found a way to direct their passion while giving back to their community.


In the fall of 2016, my neighbour and the creator of the character Enrique “Roy” Claveer”, Curtis Driedger, asked my wife and I permission to allow our 9 year old daughter to sing at the In From The Cold Christmas charity concert at Market Hall in Peterborough. During the first rehearsal, Curtis told me more details about the concert, including its longevity (18 years), the fundraising, and the shelter which benefits from the fundraising.

After this conversation I realized that for the 12 years I had lived in Peterborough, I had never heard about this concert, neither the charity, nor was I aware about the homeless issues in Peterborough. I realized that this was an opportunity to tell a story that needed to be heard.

In From The Cold is my first documentary film and I learned many things in the process of making it. I became more aware of the issue of homelessness in Canada and why it is important to support organizations like YES Shelter for Youth and Families. Support for such organizations not only benefits the people who are struggling with homelessness, but also to help prevent homelessness in at-risk youth.

While filming this story, I fell in love with the music that is played during the concert. The arrangements performed by Carried Away and the Convivio Chorus are truly creative and are a beautiful way to perform traditional holiday music. The audience returns year after year and so this annual concert has become an important holiday tradition for many residents of Peterborough.

My goal for viewers of this film is that they look at homelessness issues with a wider perspective, appreciate the music made by these gifted musicians, and recognize the musicians’ generosity to unite our community to support a much needed program like the one run by YES Shelter for Youth and Families.



Director, Cinematography, Editor, Producer

Rodney Fuentes

Story Editor 

Cara Parker

Sound Recording (concert)

Alan Stanley

Sound Editing (concert)

John K. Muir


Rob Fortin

John Hoffman

Susan Newman

Michael Ketemer

Tanah Haney


Zan Blilz as Cousin Xanadi Claveer

Curtis Driedger as Enrique “Roy” Claveer

Lucía Fuentes as Cousin Lola Claveer

Charlie Watson as Cousin Cleopatra Claveer


Susan Newman (Director)

Cynthia Armour

Ian Attridge

Stephanie Benn

Holly Bennett

Sheila Collett

Curtis Driedger

Cathy Dueck

Rob Fortin

John Hoffman

Karen Hoffman

Kate Jarrett

Nicola Jennings

Michael Ketemer

Dianne Latchford

Colin MacAdam

Kristy McLaren

Kathy McLay

Jo Pillon

Barbara Ratz

Jovanna Soligo

Jill Staveley

Caroline Tennent

Jill Walker

Melinda Wall

Andrew Wilton

Ben Wolfe